Let Them Come – Early Preview

Here’s a very early look at Let Them Come by youtuber Fork!

In response to some of his comments and suggestions:
-You will advance to new areas.
-There will be a bestiary detailing enemies you encounter.
-There will be a lot more enemy and item variety.
-Combat will be even gorier and more satisfying.

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Making a game!


For the last three months I’ve been working on a pixel art shoot’em up game in my spare time, called Let Them Come. It’s inspired by retro action classics like Metal Slug and Doom among others. You’re playing as the last survivor on a mission that went sour and you’re not going out without putting up a good fight! It will feature waves of increasingly difficult monsters, item progression and satisfyingly gory combat.

I will be playtesting the game for the first time during this month’s Full Indie meetup, May 27th in Vancouver, BC. Drop by if you’re in the area!

Keep your eyes on this blog and my twitter @Klemen_Lozar, for development updates!

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Frame Blending with Motion Vectors


This is my variation of the frame blending technique first developed by Guerrilla Games for Killzone 2, you can find a link to their publication and other resources at the bottom of the post. The aim is to extend the utility of animated textures by distorting them with motion vectors to procedurally generate the inbetween frames. This comes at a cost of shader complexity and texture memory but the results are worth it, especially for special cinematic moments.

Here’s an example of what you can expect to achieve with the technique described in this tutorial:

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Monday, March 16th, 2015 11 Comments

1st Place

My entry to the Riot art contest hosted by Polycount won the first place in the VFX category! You can watch the final submitted animation above and a compilation of some action shots in the picture below. I received a lot of questions regarding techniques I used so I’m going to do a detailed breakdown in the near future.

KLRiot_3Winner announcement page: http://www.polycount.com/riotcontest2014winners
Polycount WIP thread: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=141656

Saturday, January 31st, 2015 2 Comments

Pixel Art

PixelArt_1I took some time to work on something a bit different this past week so I tried my hand at pixel art. I used a combination of hand and procedural animation. It wasn’t as easy as it first seemed but I really enjoyed the process. Click to enlarge, I couldn’t fit the full res on the page.

Friday, January 16th, 2015 1 Comment

Work in progress

Minion_4I’ve been working on a new personal project in UE4 which involved making my first realtime character. Obviously inspired by Minions from Despicable Me films, this guy is fully rigged and waiting for animation. I’m currently blocking out the environment and finishing the storyboards, still quite a way to go. The image above is straight from Unreal 4.

RiotContestPolycount is currently hosting a Riot Games art contest and I’m participating in the VFX category. You can track my progress by clicking on the banner above!

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Stylised Lightning

Here’s a couple of electric effects I’ve been experimenting with recently. My goal was to present a really stylised 2D look in a 3D environment ready to be used in games. I’ve animated the electric elements in flash and used that as reference to build a real time effect in Unreal Engine 4 using meshes and sprites.

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 3 Comments

Quick update

I’ve been working on a few more magical type of effects which I don’t get to work on too often. Video followed by a quick breakdown of the effect.

Another random magic effect.

Brief compilation of some of the updated effects I did for Recruits.

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This is a showcase of some of the fire effects I’ve made recently for practice. I aimed for realism, quite happy with the results. UDK as usual.

Watch it on my Vimeo channel.
Watch it on my Youtube channel.

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Crash Landing

Here’s the latest personal project I recently finished. Everything made by myself except the aircraft model which I purchased from Video Copilot. It took me about a month to create in spare time after work and on weekends. Rendered in realtime with UDK and as usual I used 3ds Max for all additional modeling, dynamic simulations and keyframe animation.

Watch on YouTube: Crash Landing
Watch on Vimeo: Crash Landing

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