Let Them Come Released!

Let Them Come is now available on Steam and Xbox! Soon also coming to iOS, Android and PS4.

Here’s a short backstory on how it all started that I wrote for Xbox Wire.

In late 2014 I left Rocksteady in London and moved to Vancouver to work for a large game studio. Even though I was working at the cutting edge of games technology, I had been aspiring to also be a part of something more personal at that time. I looked up to successful indie game developers and grew fond of the idea of creating my own game, or being a part of a very small team of developers collaborating on a project.

It all started very innocently, exploring new software and new art techniques. There were no expectations. After all, I was doing this in the little spare time I had. As I got more comfortable using new tools, things increasingly got more exciting. An experience started to emerge, I was creating something truly my own and something others could interact with. I could clearly visualize it then, the game I wanted it to become.

Vancouver has a blooming indie scene. Only a couple of weeks after starting active development, I was taking the early prototype to indie meetups where other like-minded people hang out, a lot of them showing off their own creations. For the first time, strangers played my game and I got to see their positive reactions. I was captivated, there was no going back. I was really making a game! I named it Let Them Come.

I always liked those spectacle moments in first-person shooters where you mounted a gun turret and let loose against a horde of enemies, mowing them down. When I think about those action sequences, franchises like the “Alien” always come to mind and that ended up being one of the main sources of inspiration for the overall atmosphere and feeling of the game. Respecting this strict design limitation of no player movement left me free to focus on finding where the true fun of the moment is and building on top of that.

After about a year of development I partnered with an indie publisher Versus Evil. They came with experience and expertise that would give Let Them Come a fighting chance in a busy and saturated game market. To that end, I was very excited at the prospect of eventually releasing the game on Xbox.

Launching on Xbox One is fantastic, as the team behind certification have been great to work with and throw in the fact that Let Them Come feels great with the Xbox One controller — it’s a win-win. Launch time has finally arrived and with the release right around the corner I’m happy to say I can look back at those early days with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Please join me in celebrating the release of my first indie game Let Them Come by ripping through alien scourge! I hope you have as much fun playing as I had making it.

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Let Them Come – Release Date!

Super excited to announce Let Them Come is launching on October 3rd! First coming to Xbox and Steam, other platforms will follow very soon. You can look forward to more frequent updates in the future, coming first, my thoughts around development and release of the game.


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Let Them Come, Update

It’s been way too long time since my last post and a lot of exciting things have happened since.


I’ve partnered up with an indie publisher Versus Evil and started my own company, Tuatara Games.

Let Them Come has been to multiple game shows around the world. Pax East in Boston, Rezzed and CoxCon in London and recently Pax West in Seattle. A ton of people and media outlets have played the game and the response has been great. You can read some of the impressions here:

“I have to say, I was very surprised by just how much I fell in love with Let Them Come

Gamer Assault Weekly:
“Man the gun placements, we’ve got a horde of aliens inbound!”

Hardcore Gamer:
“Let Them Come May Be This Year’s Best Dumb Game”


Check out the Twitch stream from Pax West to see me talk about some of the planned Twitch features Let Them Come will ship with. In short, anyone will be able to broadcast the game with Twitch and have their viewers influence the gameplay.



Let Them Come is coming soon so check out our Steam store page to add it to your wishlist!

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Gears Of War 4 is out!


Gears Of War 4, the other game I’ve been busy with for the past couple of years as a Lead VFX artist for cinematics has just been released to critical acclaim. Check out the release trailer below to see a lot of cinematics me and my team worked on, but more importantly, get the game and have fun playing!

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Let Them Come in the media

With the release of the first official trailer, Let Them Come has been picking up momentum. Click on the logos to read about some first impressions!

Touch Arcade:



Pocket Gamer:





Touch Tap Play:


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Let Them Come Update – First Game Trailer

Development on Let Them Come is progressing nicely. I’ve recently completed a marketing milestone where I set out to release the first game trailer and a new website. I’m currently developing new items/enemy types and working on Android and iOS integration.

New game website:

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Let Them Come – Early Preview

Here’s a very early look at Let Them Come by youtuber Fork!

In response to some of his comments and suggestions:
-You will advance to new areas.
-There will be a bestiary detailing enemies you encounter.
-There will be a lot more enemy and item variety.
-Combat will be even gorier and more satisfying.

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Making a game!


For the last three months I’ve been working on a pixel art shoot’em up game in my spare time, called Let Them Come. It’s inspired by retro action classics like Metal Slug and Doom among others. You’re playing as the last survivor on a mission that went sour and you’re not going out without putting up a good fight! It will feature waves of increasingly difficult monsters, item progression and satisfyingly gory combat.

I will be playtesting the game for the first time during this month’s Full Indie meetup, May 27th in Vancouver, BC. Drop by if you’re in the area!

Keep your eyes on this blog and my twitter @Klemen_Lozar, for development updates!

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Frame Blending with Motion Vectors


This is my variation of the frame blending technique first developed by Guerrilla Games for Killzone 2, you can find a link to their publication and other resources at the bottom of the post. The aim is to extend the utility of animated textures by distorting them with motion vectors to procedurally generate the inbetween frames. This comes at a cost of shader complexity and texture memory but the results are worth it, especially for special cinematic moments.

Here’s an example of what you can expect to achieve with the technique described in this tutorial:

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1st Place

My entry to the Riot art contest hosted by Polycount won the first place in the VFX category! You can watch the final submitted animation above and a compilation of some action shots in the picture below. I received a lot of questions regarding techniques I used so I’m going to do a detailed breakdown in the near future.

KLRiot_3Winner announcement page: http://www.polycount.com/riotcontest2014winners
Polycount WIP thread: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=141656

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