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Quick update

I’ve been working on a few more magical type of effects which I don’t get to work do too often. Video followed by a quick breakdown of the effect.

Another random magic effect.

Brief compilation of some of the updated effects I did for Recruits.

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This is a showcase of some of the fire effects I’ve made recently for practice. I aimed for realism, quite happy with the results. UDK as usual.

Watch it on my Vimeo channel.
Watch it on my Youtube channel.

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Crash Landing

Here’s the latest personal project I recently finished. Everything made by myself except the aircraft model which I purchased from Video Copilot. It took me about a month to create in spare time after work and on weekends. Rendered in realtime with UDK and as usual I used 3ds Max for all additional modeling, dynamic simulations and keyframe animation.

Watch on YouTube: Crash Landing
Watch on Vimeo: Crash Landing

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 4 Comments


Ever since I saw the famous wildfire explosion in the second season of Game of Thrones I wanted to recreate it in some way, working in the games industry it seemed only appropriate I do it in real-time! It took me about a month working in my spare time, evenings and weekends to get it all done. Everything was created inside UDK and rendered in real time. All modelling, textures, shaders, lighting, visual effects and dynamic simulations created by myself.

Since the shot above is pretty short I decided to make a breakdown to better showcase some of the work that went into making this. Soundtrack is Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I (creative commons license)

Edit: I re-uploaded both videos in 1080p!

Watch it on my Vimeo channel
Watch it on my Youtube channel

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Pyro Shader

GameFX_PyroShaderI’ve been working on a new shader that  is really useful for all kinds of fiery effects, best of all it’s pretty cheap in terms of performance. It’s the closest I”ve ever got to making a decent billowing fire type of effect. Above is a little compilation of some of the tests I did while working on this. Map in the background is from Recruits.

Youtube link: Pyro Shader

Monday, April 15th, 2013 1 Comment


Ghostly Almost april and still white winter here, not weird at all. Nothing to do but stay in and work on some VFX! :) Wanted to do something more magical as I’ve been doing a lot of explosions and other effects more grounded in reality lately, so here it is!

Youtube link: Ghostly

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Large Scale Explosion

GameFX_LargeScale_Explosion Here’s my attempt at a large scale explosion with UDK. The explosion is composed of 3 emitters triggered in matinee, one for the main body in the center and one at each side. I’m also spawning a point light to bring it all more together. It’s pretty heavy in terms of performance but it could easily be a part of a real time cinematic sequence. Turn on your speakers!

Youtube link: Large Scale Explosion

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Recruits FX update

Here’s a short compilation of some of the FX work I did for Recruits recently, mainly the flamethrower and helicopter effects. Everything is still a work in progress.

Youtube link: Recruits FX update

Above is a teaser image from a little personal project I’m working on in UDK. It’s almost done, just have to polish it a bit more and bring it all together. Stay tuned!

 Check out this new trailer showcasing some more of the new helicopter gameplay from Recruits!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 1 Comment

Napalm Run

This is a preview of one of the new effects I made for Recruits, you’ll be able to call in napalm strikes like this on your enemies in the game. Turn up your speakers!

If you want to see Recruits on Steam vote us up on Steam Greenlight!

Youtube link: Napalm Run

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Edit: Now live on Desura!  This is initial alpha release with core gameplay and 3 levels. Get the game here!

This is an alpha teaser trailer for an indie title Recruits which I’m working on.

Here’s a compilation of some of the FX work I did for an Indie title Recruits. I did all the FX  including environment FX like falling leaves, rain and rain puddles. This footage is from an earlier alpha build.

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Acid Pool

A new effect I made with cascade in UDK. It’s a liquid pool of acid. The shape of the puddles is randomized so it’s easy to achieve different kinds of looks.

Youtube link: Acid Pool

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Weapon FX 1

Here’s a full weapon FX I made. It’s composed of a few different effects such as a muzzle flash, shell casings, bullet tracers, smoke trails and bullet impacts. Please note that I didn’t create the gun model.

Youtube link: Weapon FX 1

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 7 Comments


This is a flamethrower effect I am working on. It’s an effect that’s pretty tricky to get to look and feel right but I’m pretty happy with what I came up with so far. It uses procedural materials and no flipbook textures at all which means it’s very efficient and cheap, particle counts are very low too. Made with UDK.

Youtube link: Flamethrower

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Water Splash

Here’s a new water effect I’m currently experimenting with. It’s very easy to adjust the look whether I want it to look like a mild stream or a bigger almost waterfall type of effect.

Youtube link:  Water Splash

Thursday, May 31st, 2012 2 Comments

Magic Blast

A magical explosion effect I was inspired to make after playing too much Diablo 3.

Youtube link:  Magic Blast

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Bouncing Betty

Here’s an explosion effect inspired by S-mine, developed by Germany in the 1930s also known as “Bouncing Betty”. All of the elements are a part of a single particle system, all animation is procedural. Created with Cascade inside UDK.

Youtube link:  Bouncing Betty

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Fire 1

Real time fire burning in the wind created with UDK Cascade.

Youtube link:  Fire 1

Friday, May 18th, 2012 2 Comments

Mortar Blast

A mortar blast effect made with Cascade.

Youtube link:  Mortar Blast

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Aura 1

Here is an aura effect I created with Cascade.

Youtube link: Aura 1

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Blood & Guts

This is a bloody explosion type effect I have been working on. Created with Cascade inside UDK.

Youtube link:  Blood & Guts

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A lot of new stuff!


This is a logo animation I made for Spiral Game Studios. I used RayFire to fragment the geometry and to animate everything in combination with particle flow. Rendered with Vray and composed with After Effects. Awesome sound design by Curtis Churn from Spiral. The concept of the animation is representing an event similar to big bang, a start of something new and big and it all gravitates and revolves around Spiral.

This is a logo animation I made for Spiral, for our new upcoming game Orion: Dino Beatdown. Everything here was created inside After Effects. Awesome sound design by Curtis Churn from Spiral.

Above are only some of more than 80 unique in-game particle systems I created for Orion: Dino Beatdown so far. This was the first time I had a chance to venture into the world of game VFX and I must say I found the whole process of creation very interesting and fulfilling. With a lot of cinematic VFX experience it was also easy enough to jump on board as the whole process felt very familiar, from texture creation to working with particle systems.

Here’s the announcement trailer of our upcoming game Orion: Dino Beatdown. Check it out!


Above you can see 2 teaser images from a big personal project I’m currently busy with among other things. Although a lot of work is already completed unfortunately I can’t show more just yet. Click on the pictures above to open a biger version.


And lastly here is some work I completed a while ago, just haven’t had a chance to show it yet. In this project I was tasked with creation of a character for promotional purposes. I was given concept art and I modeled, textured, rigged and posed this little guy. Some of the poses are a bit weird like that, because later on graphic designers equipped him with various objects for promotion. Click on the picture above to open a biger version.

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Shot Blasting Machine

Here’s the latest project I did at work. This animation is showcasing an industrial sanding machine for a company called Gostol TST. I was given Pro Engineer files of the machine which I had to clean up, rig and prepare for animation. I worked very closely with art director Dejan Suc, who directed the project and designed all of the 2d elements which I then animated in After Effects. I was also responsible for all  the 3d work – scene and material setup, lightning, rigging, all the animation, rendering and compositing. It took about 170 hours over the period of 2 months to get everything done.

The final animation is 5 minutes long and pretty big even when compressed so I provided a few links for you to chose from depending on your connection speeds:

Watch in HD 720 – 52 MB

Watch in HD 1080 – 96 MB

Watch on YouTube – Make sure to watch it in HD

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 3 Comments


Here’s a new vfx shot I’ve been working on for quite some time. RayFire was used for rigid body dynamics, particle flow for additional debris and fire embers and fumefx for all the fire and smoke. There are also some stock footage elements in there. I did all the compositing in After Effects.

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8 Ball

This is a short FX shot I made during the past week in my spare time. It took me about 8-10 hours for the whole thing without counting the render times which were pretty high. I was thinking of doing a tutorial on this type of simple FX shot sometime in the future.

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House Fire

Here’s the final FX shot of the pyro workshop. It could still use a lot more love but I’m calling it finished for the time being. I used RayFire for rigid body dynamics, FumeFX for all the fluid simulations and particle flow for the fire embers.

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Mortar Blast

I’m not sure how these 3 concrete blocks came to the middle of the desert. A mortar blast should take care of that problem! This shot was created within a few days for the pyro workshop. I used fumefx, krakatoa and particle flow extensively to achieve this effect.

Friday, November 26th, 2010 2 Comments


This week we started looking at explosions. This is what I came up with. I’m using 3 different FumeFX containers for the whole effect.

Sunday, November 14th, 2010 3 Comments

Paper Burn

Here’s the result of the second week of the FumeFx workshop. I used FumeFx for gaseous fluid dynamics nad thinking particles for rigid body dynamics, rendered with Vray composited in After Effects.

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A big scale explosion created with FumeFx and particle flow. Turn on your speakers!

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