Hello everybody!

My name is Klemen Lozar and I blow stuff up for a living! I’m a 27-year-old originally from Slovenia, currently living in Vancouver where I work for Microsoft as a Senior VFX Artist making real time effects for games. I previously worked at Rocksteady Studios in London on the Batman franchise. I am completely self-taught, I first started with 3D during early high school times when I liked to mess around with programs such as 3ds Max, Adoble Flash and photoshop making frame-by-frame animations, simple models, learning more and more through trial and error and eventually discovering my biggest passion in the 3D universe – VFX. As seen throughout my website I enjoy working on other areas as well and like to challenge myself to broaden my skill set whenever I can, which has in recent years manifested in Let Them Come, my first independent video game!


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